AISOK FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS  -  Self-Defense Classes      704-607-4832

                                                                                                                                                          AISOK FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS
                        100 S. Main St   Stanley NC  28164
  Featuring AISOK Jujutsu & Weapons Disarm System.
 Your Instructor is Sensei Bolton.  Personally trained and Certified by Master Rich Aughtry, a 43 year Martial Arts Veteran and founder of the AISOK Jujutsu & Weapons Disarm System
When you learn martial arts you gain valuable life skills, self-defense tactics and our structured curriculum guides students through the different belt levels, as well as the increasing complexity of martial arts techniques. From take downs, self-defense moves, Escapes from attacks and drills, you and your family will learn beginner thru advanced techniques.  offer a wide variety of martial arts techniques for all ages
The True Goal of martial arts is to Better Ourselves:
  • increased self esteem
  • increased self confidence
  • increased assertiveness emotional control and stress relief
  • Timing, Balance, posture
  •   AISOK martial arts is a non-sparring Jujutsu martial art specializing in weapon disarms and focuses on controlling thru technique and leverage regardless   of strength or size. So if you have ever considered studying a martial arts based   self-defense system with belt ranking, the only requirement to begin is the willingness to take the first step to a new adventure. We would like to help you begin by offering Two Free at this location. Please feel free to stop by and watch a class if you would like before using your two free classes. 
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